Welcome to pp-Pango.com. Pango who is a founder and CEO, artist, producer and entrepreneur. Pango represents his OMO ARUTU Entertainment which is all about conscious music, the kind of music that shines with social political awareness and injustice. It has been an underground label since 2010 but in 2014, they finally officially started operating with Pango began working on his tracks and albums. Along with working on his music, he also worked with several producers including Shadow Man and more.


OMO ARUTU Entertainment is focused on Afrobeat, Jazz, RnB, Funk, Soul and Hip Hop music.


This website was made to support Pango's new single release and music video called Jah Jah , this Work you can find here.


For news, updates check his social media pages in Contacts where you can also contact him about collaboration, producing, promotion or any other enquirers.


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